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How important are wedding favours?

Whilst planning weddings in Portugal for our couples we experienced that decisions on wedding favours have several times not been straight forward. Our couples seem to dwell on the relevance or importance of having wedding favours.

In the majority of the weddings we planned our couples seemed to agree that wedding favours are a nice touch to the wedding, and therefore gone ahead with them.

However couples tend to raise 3 main arguments against wedding favours:

  1. Tables look neater without them
  2. Tight wedding budget
  3. They are a waste as guests don’t seem to care much

Untitled1                          Mini bottles with honey                                               Mint tin

But there are a few ways we can go around these arguments.

  1. If you are on a tight budget, wedding favours don’t need to be expensive and the best thing is couples can even do them themselves!
  2. If you feel that wedding favours are a waste or fear they might not be appreciated, then you might consider donating to cancer research, charities, or any other noble cause for your wedding favours. In turn you tend to get bracelets, cards or pins so you can put them on each table.
  3. Alternatively, you might prefer to have other things instead of wedding favours. Below a list of our couples most chosen:
  • Thank you tags saying e.g. ‘thank you for sharing first day as Mr and Mrs’
  • Cookies
  • Candy floss, popcorn
  • Caricature for the reception
  • Sweet cart
  • Flip flop basket
  • Sun glasses basket
  • Pimms, wine and/or champers
  • Personalised love hearts

And if there is children:

  • Small sweet table
  • Bubbles and sweet cones
  • Sweets in mini jars
  • Kids face painting
  • Balloons

And our favourite so far – have sparklers and a tag made for each person with a nice saying like ‘let love sparkle’ and light them outside as the first dance starts. Romantic, memorable, perfect.

As with most things wedding related, wedding favours are only important if they’re important to the couple. Truth to be told we’ve never heard anyone coming away of a wedding saying “the favours were rubbish” or “how terrible that they didn’t have any favours”. So there is not right or wrong, simply a personal choice.

        Now you know, there’s no right or wrong – wedding favours are only

important if they are important to you!

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Your Turn

Are you having wedding favours? What are you going for?

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