A blessing is in many ways no different from any other ceremony. The main difference lies in the fact that it is not legally binding.

Blessings were created mainly for couples already legally married usually in a very private setting that to have a wedding party and ceremony with all of their family and guests at a later stage.

Within a blessing couples usually make their vows to each other, exchange rings or gifts, add readings and music or enrich the ceremony with the addition of joining rituals to symbolize their union such as lighting of a candle, binding of hands, wine sharing, sand blending, love letter locked box, the giving of a flower or anything that makes sense to the couple and to their love story.

Celebrants will also write the couple love story that will inspire their speech. The result is a magical ceremony, very emotive and so special for both the couple and the guests.

Blessing ceremony is usually crystallised with the legendary kiss between the bride and the groom at the end.



Your Turn

Did you have a blessing ceremony and / or have you ever been to a blessing ceremony? What did you like the most? Was it special in any way?


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